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Why Shapewear is used?

Shapewear is an undergarment that helps to reduce our fat and create a slimmer look. It is made from lycra fabric, an advanced micro fabric structure. It is sewn in a pattern with elastic fiber. It makes the body look straight and firm.

Is Shapewear good for your body?

There are various benefits of shapewear. It improves our posture and abdominal muscles. Whether our body is slim or fat, shapewear is the best choice for everyone. Women after childbirth have signs of delivery and belly fat. We can overcome this easily by wearing shapewear. To get excellent quality shapewear, we can get help from DEPOTEL as they manufacture great shape wears and deliver worldwide. Shapewear reduces our waistline and makes our body fit. It also helps to reduce our weight, increases our natural features, and enhances our look. Shapewear factory in turkey has designed all types of shapewear for every body type, whether slim or fat.

Types of Shapewear

There are several types of shapewear that can be easily found from any private label shapewear manufacturer. Some of them are mentioned below:

Waist Clinchers

A waist clincher is a type of belt that we wear around our waist to make it smaller. It is trending for centuries. Different kinds of clinchers include corset waist clincher, waist clincher, and waist trimmer. We must try clincher as it has many benefits. If we use it correctly, it shows results immediately. To get a better product, we should wear waist clinchers for at least eight hours. It compresses our stomach temporarily to make our body thinner. We know how belly fat makes us upset and lowers our confidence. To get rid of this concern, we must consider a waist clincher to attain a perfect body. Women's underwear manufacturer have designed various styles of shapewear to make our bodies look attractive. Women's underwear manufacturer provide waist clinchers in different sizes.


It is a women's undergarment that is used for the upper body. The camisole is made up of thin or see-through fabric. We can use it as layering under tops. Seamless shapewear is beneficial for our body. It doesn't cling to our body and can be worn under any outfit. We can wear it instead of a bra as it offers excellent support to the breast and coverage to nipples. Shapewear factory in Europe provides seamless shapewear to women with heavy breasts as it lends extra help in the breast area. DEPOTEL is the best women's underwear manufacturer in the town.

Control Tights

Control tight is usually manufactured in shapewear. It gives support to the legs and makes the curves look smooth. It offers a slimming effect to the body. The most significant benefit of tight control is that it boosts circulation in the legs and supports veins. It has various designs and colors. To choose good quality products, we must consider a reputable private label shapewear manufacturer.

Open Gusset

The tights, which have a hole instead of the fabric patch, are an open gusset. In this way, air circulates and makes us relax. The best thing about open gusset is that it is available for plus-size women as well. It is readily available at online stores. If we are concerned about hygiene and freshness, an open gusset is an excellent choice. You can buy open gussets from several brands, but DEPOTEL provides the best shapewear in bulk. It provides ventilation for intimate areas and keeps us cool. Our biggest problem during summer is the yeast infection caused by wearing tights, but if we are wearing open gussets, we remain safe from such diseases.

Merry Widow

A strapless corset is usually called a merry widow. Before buying a merry widow, we must try it first as it needs to fit. We can use it on informal occasions as well. It starts from the chest and ends at the top of our hips. Merry widow is the best option for looking slim and attractive. It gives our body a good look. Seamless underwear for women is an excellent solution. Women's underwear manufacturer has various varieties of seamless shapewear.

Long Leg

Long leg shapewear is an excellent choice for our body as it refines the overall shape. It also helps us in reducing weight while doing exercise. Long leg shapewear reduces our belly and thigh fat. Wearing long legs under any dress gives our bodies an attractive look. We can get long-leg shapewear in bulk from the shapewear factory in Europe easily without any effort.

Maternity Support

Maternity shapewear is essential during pregnancy as it gives support to the belly and keeps it fix. It is opaque and provides a smooth bump in tight dresses. To improve the posture during pregnancy, and must be made a part of the essential maternity wear. It is suitable to wear this shapewear for only 2-3 hours every day as wearing it for a long time causes muscle wastage. Maternity support is also beneficial after childbirth. Wearing shapewear during and after pregnancy is perfectly safe. It is much better than regular tights and underwear and provides physical support to the body during pregnancy. DEPOTEL is the low minimum order shapewear manufacturer where we can get everything according to our choice.

Body Suit

The bodysuit is a one-piece garment that looks like a swimsuit. It can be made up of any material like nylon, cotton, lace, etc. The most significant benefit of a bodysuit is that it is very easy to carry with any dress. It is perfect for any occasion. It is available for every body shape and size, which makes it a convenient pick for everyone. We can get it from any low minimum order shapewear manufacturer.

High Waist Thong

A high waist thong is the best garment to reduce belly fat and back pain. The most significant benefit of wearing a high waist thong is that it is line-free as it has a consistent outline that gives full backing. Usually, it is available in lighter fabrics, such as cotton. Seamless underwear for women also provides support to our back and makes our tummy look tighter. It fits easily on every body type. The high waist thong is made up of very smooth and elastic fabric and is very comfortable to wear every season.


Above mentioned all shapewear types give us various options to make our body slim and smart. The best thing about shapewear is that it is available in all sizes. It effortlessly reshapes the body. DEPOTEL is one of the best women's underwear manufacturers. We can get garments in bulk from here easily.

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