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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the minimum order quantity?

There is no minimum order quantity per order.

The minimum order quantity per variation is only 10 pieces. So you can even order 10pcs if you wanted to.

Also, for the variations, order quantity must be multiples of 10 such as; 10-20-30-40, etc...

Can I order a sample before I place my bulk order?

Yes, you can order a sample before you place a bulk order. We don't charge extra for the samples, the same price as the wholesale list + shipping. We provide worldwide shipping via DHL.

Please send us the items you want in the following format;


How long does it take to ship samples?

We ship samples out every Thursday.

How do you ship my orders?

Samples: DHL

Bulk Order: DHL or your preferred shipping carrier. Free delivery in Istanbul.


How long does it take to ship my orders?

If an item is in stock, it takes 1 week. If the item is not in stock then it depends on the order size. If you require logo printing, labeling, or packaging then, of course, it will be a little longer, but it's usually about 4 weeks.


Which countries do you ship to?

We provide worldwide shipping via DHL and we have clients all over the world.


How can I pay for my sample?

For samples: Only with a credit card via our secure site.

For wholesale/bulk orders: Only bank transfer.


How can I pay for my actual wholesale order?

Bank transfer only. The customer must wire the amount on the invoice and cover wire transfer fees.


Can I pay for my sample using PayPal?

Unfortunately, PayPal doesn't operate in Turkey.

Can you print my brand's logo?

Yes, we can print your logo on the garments min 300pcs + 120USD one-time mold fee + $0.15 per piece to print.

Do you provide white label / private label manufacturing for my brand?

Yes, we do. We can print your logo, manufacture hangtags, print labels, barcodes, packaging materials, whatever you need we can do it for you.


Can you design & manufacture boxes/packaging materials for my brand?

Yes, we do have designers who can help you design your box as well as manufacture your packaging materials. If you have the design already, you can just send us the design, we can have it manufactured with our partners and ship them with your order.

Will you share the images?

Yes, we will share the shapewear product images with you in order to help you get going, but if the product is a success and you would like to keep ordering, then we kindly ask that you have a photoshoot for yourself and remove our images as we have the copyrights to those images.

Please understand that this benefits all parties as we share those images not only with you but all of our clients that request the images, having your own photos also benefits your brand as you might have the same photos with other shapewear brands on the internet.


Do you do custom orders?

Yes, but it really depends on the project. Obviously, the product must be within our manufacturing capabilities and the minimum order quantity must be at least 1,000 pcs.

Do you do custom colors?

We can do any color for the selected shapewear items;

- 500pcs min per model, 150pcs min per size required

- Plus 1USD custom color charge

- 8 weeks lead time

Can I order and get bigger sizes of your shapewear? 

We already manufacture the biggest shapewear we can with our machinery, if we go any bigger than what we have, then we start having quality problems. That’s why we do want to manufacture shapewear items any bigger than what we already have. We have some shapewear that goes up to 3XL. 


Having said that, if there is a specific model of our shapewear that you are interested in, we can enquire with our shapewear manufacturing team and see f we can do it any bigger than what we already have. 


But please keep in mind that to manufacture custom sizes, we would need at least 500pcs min per variation. However, tor any other shapewear item from our collection on the catalog our minimum order quantities are;


If an item is in stock, 10pcs min. 

If the items are not in stock, then the minimum order quantity is 50pcs min per variation.

The items I want are not in stock, when will they be in stock if they are not available now?

There are some items that we always keep in stock and there are some items that we manufacture as we receive orders. To manufacture an item that we don't have in stock, we require that you order 50pcs min per variation and 200pcs per model. However, we always manufacture more than that, at least double what you order, so that if you sell the items and you need more, then we have some stock to give you right away. This goes for all the items in our shapewear collection.


Are you a manufacturer?

Yes, we are.

Do you offer dropshipping?

No, we don't.

How is your shapewear underwear sizing?

Our shapewear size guide is available on our website, you can also click HERE to view our size guide.


Which seamless bodysuit do you recommend with a gusset opening for easy bathroom access?

1924 or 1926 are the best-seller seamless body suit shapers with gusset openings.

What is the difference between 2007 and 2077?

Both of them are similar products, only the pattern is different but the cut and the sizing are the same.

What is the difference between 2012 and 1923?

1923 is soft, it doesn’t have compression. 2012 is with adjustable straps and it is firm, it is a shaper.


What is the difference between 2009 and 2019?

One is a snap gusset and the other is a closed gusset.

What is the difference between 2011 and 2071?

2011 is a regular shaper and 2071 makes the body look 2 sizes smaller, it is very firm.


Is 2009 firm? Does it have support?

Yes, it is, the tummy/belly area is double-layered knitted shapewear fabric.

Between 2009-2019 & 2079 which has the best control/support?

2079 has the best control, it makes the body look at least 1 size smaller.

2019 has a crouch opening, 2079 doesn't.

Between 2033 & 2063 which has the best control/support?

2063 has better control, it makes the body look 2 sizes smaller, 2033 is a lighter fabric and has less control.

Between 5001 & 5011 which has the best control/support?

5001 is solid with no texture, on the other hand, 5011 is a ribbed fabric that has compression from the sides and has more control.

Between 2016 & 3002 which seamless shapewear has the best control/support?

2016 is a decent shaper with a lot of control. 3002 is a softer garment with no to little control, it is for basic use.

Between 4020 & 4021, what is the difference between these seamless bustier bras?

One has wider straps and one has thinner straps.

Between 4005 and 4020 - 4021, what is the difference between these seamless bustier bras?

4005 has no padding inside, 4021 and 4021 have padding inside.

Between 1923 and 1924, what is the difference between these seamless bodies?

1923 has spaghetti straps and 1924 has wider straps.​

What is the difference between 2011 and 1923?

1923 is a softer garment, has less compression and it is a body. 2011 is a seamless full-bodysuit,  it is firmer and has a lot more compression. It supports the thighs, hips, tummy, and belly area.

What are the similar designs to model number 2054?

Model number 2020, double-layered Tummy Control Seamless String Panty.

Does 2045 show inside?

Yes if it's worn too tight, then it might show.

What is the difference between 2047 and 2007?

Only the length of the leg, one is shorter and the other a little longer.

Both are single-layered on the tummy area. 2007, Seamless high waister shaper corset is one of our bestsellers.

What is the mean difference between 2007-2047 and 2074?

2074 is double-layered layered and therefore has a tighter fit. 2007 and 2047 are single-layered on the tummy area. 2074 is more firm and tighter than the other two. All of the double-layered seamless women's shapers are...

What is the mean difference between 1450 & and 3810?

1450 is firmer, stronger on the belly, has more compression, and goes up to 4XL.

3810 is less firm, lighter, more comfortable, more stretchy, up to XL.

Better to get a sample to see which is what you are looking for.

What is the mean difference between E1002 and E1003 men's undershirt tank tops?

E1002 has a classic U-shaped neck and E1003 has a V-neck, other than that they are the same.

*We recently added this product related frequently asked questions section and we will be adding more questions that are commonly asked by our clients so that everyone gets answers to their seamless shapewear, underwear, activewear, maternity wear related questions.

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