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As a seamless shapewear manufacturer, over the years we delivered thousand of our orders all around the world to many different clients and brands. Our regular packaging is OPP plastic packaging. So every wholesale order you make will come in will arrive as shown below unless an extra packaging material is purchased.

However each brand has its own identity, client base, and requests. Since we have to respond and deliver each customer's request, this made us an expert on developing, manufacturing, and delivering thousands of different packaging materials.


Since everybody is looking for something different, we work with all types of materials and work with the best 3rd party solution partners in the industry. Below you can see some images of the work we did in the past. If you have your own packaging sample, you can send it to us and we can have an exact replica manufactured.

Another factor in the packaging process is the final layer of the order which is the outer shipping packaging.


Our standard shipping box is 60cm x 40cm x 40cm.


In the shapewear industry affordable shipping cost makes all the difference so it is very important to stay loyal to export box size in order to save space during shipping while creating a premium packaging. The main objective here is to ship more products in one box. 


So, if you are interested in starting or growing your brand with our designs but have questions, either with the packaging or the product itself, please don't wait but fill out the form below and reach out to us. Someone from our team will get back to you asap!

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