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We strongly suggest to our clients that they should purchase shapewear, underwear samples of the items that they are interested in before placing the actual wholesale order. Because it is very important that you see the actual product before manufacturing starts.


So, as a result, we ship tens of sample orders to clients all over the world every single week. We ship out samples Thursday of every week. If you are interested in ordering samples, please email us the information below ;







After we have all this information along with the list of the items you would like to order (You should list the items you would like to order in the following format: MODEL NUMBER x COLOR x SIZE x QUANTITY.)

We will calculate the weight and size of your order and get a shipping quote from DHL and present it to you with your invoice. Sample charges and shipping charges can be paid together online via credit card through our secure website.

Samples are either shipped in plastic DHL pouches or small cardboard boxes depending on the sample order size.

Please let us know if you have any other questions on the "Sample Order Shipment Process" for your wholesale shapewear, underwear, maternity wear, or any other related product inquiries.


Over the past 40 years, after serving hundreds of clients, fulfilling thousands of orders with millions of pieces, we became a shipping expert of our own. We ship orders worldwide and we can adapt to every region's different requests and requirements.


For our shipments, for the most part, including the ones we ship to the EU and the UK, we work with DHL ( Not only because they offer exceptional service but also because they deliver in 2 days. However, some regions such as the Middle East and African countries prefer that we work with their national companies who have local offices in Istanbul. Those local companies can also handle the money transfer which makes the transaction very smooth for both parties.


On the other hand, for shipments to the USA, Canada, and Australia, there are times when we ship by sea depending on the other size, because if the load is big, then the sea shipping option becomes more feasible.


So as you can see we are very adaptable, we can handle all of your needs according to your instructions, so don't concern yourself about the shipping as we can handle everything for you. Having said that, please also keep in mind that you are more than welcome to pick your own shipping courier service/company as you like. In that case, your preferred cargo company can pick it up from the warehouse in Istanbul or we can deliver anywhere in Istanbul for free!

For the wholesale shipments, our standard packaging is a premium quality 60cm x 40cm x 40cm cardboard boxes. They are durable and sturdy and can handle longs trips and withstand time. Please are some pictures of our previous shipments.

For seamless shapewear, activewear, sportswear orders in bulk, shipping becomes much cheaper when the order weight is heavier than 31.5kg. So if you order let's say 25kg, shipping is much more expensive than the shipping cost of 31.5kg. So when you are ordering your seamless shapewear in bulk please keep in mind this crucial information, shipping cost is one of the major expense lines added in the COGS so our suggestion is to always stay above the 31.5kg limit. Of course, you can order less but we are just letting you know.

Also, some of our clients ask "what are the shipping costs?". Well, there is no one right answer to that question because we can only calculate the shipping costs when we have your order details, because when we have your order ready then we can calculate the shipping costs of the seamless women underwear garments since we already have all the weight of info of all our products. You have to keep in mind that some seamless shapewear items, especially double-layered body shapewear items can weigh as much as 400grams per piece, whereas panties can weigh around 80grams per piece. This is the reason we cannot calculate the shipping costs without having an order form. Please keep in mind that this is for only women's seamless shapewear order in BULK, for sample orders we can ship any size because they are samples.

For more information please fill out the form below and contact us. Someone from our team will get back to you asap!

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