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Shapewear Wholesale is a sister company of Depotel Export ( which is an experienced manufacturer, supplier, and distributor of premium textile products such as; underwear including (women's shapewear, maternity wear, seamless bamboo underwear, men's underwear, bamboo sportswear and more…) In addition to that, Depotel also manufactures Turkish towels, blankets, cotton canvas bags, and curtains/drapery products. Shapewear Wholesale was established over the years of experience and prestige that it has gained through working with clients from all around the world.

Depotel Gayrimenkul Tic. Ltd. Sti. is a reputable registered with Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (a.k.a. ITO - for years now with an excellent trade history both as a shapewear underwear manufacturer and exporter. You can also check our company, with the chamber and verify its operation and registry details and shop with us with confidence. (

Depotel Gayrimenkul Tic. Ltd. Sti. is also registered with ITKIB (Istanbul Textile Manufacturers Exporters Association) You are also more than welcome to search and verify our company information from this link. (

Depotel Gayrimenkul Tic. Ltd. Sti. serves its clients in the USA via Tekkell LLC. ( its sister company based in Miami, FL. In addition that men's underwear, women's shapewear, underwear, activewear, and maternity products Tekkell LLC. also distributes other products that Depotel manufactures or sources. Please keep in mind that Depotel can help you souces other products from Turkey.

Our manufacturing facilities are located in Istanbul, Turkey. We have a monthly capacity of 100,000 pieces/month. We have stock in almost all models and sizes in our catalog. We can also do custom shapewear and underwear orders, but prefer to stick with what's in our catalog.

We currently have clients in the EU, USA, UK, Australia, and Africa. At Shapewear Wholesale our aim is to expand our wholesale network throughout the world. Our motto is simple, provide premium shapewear products at reasonable prices with low minimum quantities. We also do private label / white label shapewear underwear manufacturing if requested. We provide packing, shipping, and design services as well.

If you require any specific information or would like to get in touch with one of our sales representatives, you can reach us via email, phone, or WhatsApp.

History of Shapewear

Shapewear is a secret best kept by any woman. It can be a fantastic piece to have in your arsenal if you don't already have one. Everybody from you and I used shapewear for celebrities but the idea has been around since ancient times in various (and much less comfortable) designs.

The girdle is believed to be the first type of shapewear: a knit, costume-like belt. The girdle was believed to have supernatural powers in ancient times and Ishtar, the goddess of Babylon, wore one for fertility. They were used for shaping, strengthening, and improving the body, seen as appropriate and respectful. Girdles were a symbol of modesty and were viewed as giving power to men or protecting women.

We were used for shaping, strengthening, and improving the body, seen as noble and humble. Many women from the 1920s to the 1960s found girdles to be necessary apparel, and today they have developed into what we know as Shapewear, and other slimming apparel.

Corsets do have a rich past, and they still form part of fashion today. Many link the corset to Catherine de 'Medici, the wife of King Henry II of France since during the 1550's she outlawed thick waists in court. In addition to that, there is clear evidence that corsets could go as far back as Ancient Crete. They were produced in the 16th century with materials such as silk and linen, and the boning in them was only bone. Whalebone was used to make the stays and busk, although a little later steel stays came. Ribbon was used to lace the neck, but this was used only by the richest of wearers at first.

Shapewear Today

The girdle had disappeared by the late 1960s. The women's liberation movement has done more than just burning bras-it has been targeting constrictive undergarments. Women hurled girdles into the "Independence Trash Can" during the Miss America Demonstration in 1968, calling girdles a sign of female oppression.

But shapewear kept famous. Women gave power pantyhose instead of girdles or corsets. Women have also gradually turned to diet and exercise to shape their bodies-along with plastic surgery. And by the 2000s, celebrities took shapewear to the forefront again. The shapewear of today may be lighter than a steel corset, but it still serves the same purpose: to manipulate bodies to suit current fashions and it is must-have a piece of every woman on the planet.

Future of Shapewear

As one of the leading manufacturers in the world, we are very confident that the usage of shapewear will only increase in time but of course it will evolve in the process like it did in the past.

As we continue to follow the trends, we expect two major shifts in the industry in the coming decade. We expect the first change to be; environmentally sustainable manufacturing using natural materials. This is already happening, we are also manufacturing bamboo products but we believe that demand for these kinds of products is already here and only to stay and grow. It will be norm for daily underwear and shapewear products.

Another thing we expect to see is more customized products. This customization can be in any kind; it can be sizing, color, design, cut or whatever you think might be. The increasing use of high tech machinery such as 3D printing combined with AI will make the products smarter, personalized, and environmentally friendly while making the manufacturing sustainable for the planet.

On the latest note, with the most recent pandemic COVID-19, consumers will be more aware of products with anti-bacterial fabrics. Since the expert expects pandemics like this every 25 years now, demand will evolve and be a major part of the underwear market.

If you want to be a part of this future, grow, and expand your business or your brand, please don't hesitate but contact us now!

Word of Mouth

“It's so easy to work with SW by Depotel, they have everything we need as a shapewear brand .”

- Lily Samuels - 

“I'm so glad that I have a partner like Shapewear Wholesale.

It's so easy to work with them”

- Sasha Michaels - 

“You can't beat SW when you consider what you pay, price x quality is amazing!”

- Marina Hills - 

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