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Shapewear Wholesale reveals its new collection in February of each year. As a manufacturer, we remove the items that don't sell, also optimize and update existing product lines according to customer feedback. We also try to improve it by making small but crucial changes. Our wholesale collection includes women's shapewear, underwear, activewear, leggings, maternity wear, and men's basic underwear. 


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To view our most recent shapewear catalog and price list* please click on the link below.


Our pricing policy is very strict forward. We release our price list in February at the same time with our catalog. Quantity discounts can be seen below;

Orders bigger than >

  • 1,000pcs + 2% discount

  • 2,500pcs + 3% discount

  • 5,000pcs + 4% discount

  • 10,000pcs + 5% discount

This pricing is the standard for all clients and is non-negotiable.


You can view the costs of additional services below, please keep in mind that the prices below are the service charges per piece, and material costs are not included.

  • Barcoding / Labeling: $0.10

  • Packing: $0.05

  • Hangtag: $0.07

The prices above are per piece basis.

The pricing is the same for all clients and is non-negotiable.


Samples fee can be paid with the payment options below;

  • Credit Card (+ %2.9 credit card commission will be added to the invoice.)

  • Bank Transfer (Customer must cover the bank transfer fees.)

Wholesale Order;

  • Payment for the actual wholesale bulk order must be paid via bank transfer.

  • The customer must cover the bank transfer fees and send the net amount.

  • The delivery date countdown will start after the funds are cleared in our accounts.

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