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Types of Shapewear to Wear With a Backless Dress and Other Helpful Tips

Women are more comfortable than ever showing off their feminine curves. The latest trending style is backless dresses. Backless dresses are sexy, but it does limit the type of seamless shapewear that women can wear. Boutique owners and retailers need a private label shapewear manufacturer to meet the growing demand for shapewear. Shapewear helps women by giving them a more appealing look. These seamless garments usually contain features that lift the buttocks, slims your stomach, and offer support for your back or breast. If you are wondering how to choose the right shapewear for a backless dress, focus on the areas that you want to accentuate and the overall look that you are striving for. Here are a few tips:

If you are wanting a smoother tummy, take a look at our panty slip collection. This seamless shapewear offers coverage for the stomach area and gives the illusion of a small waist and flat tummy. If you want a smaller waist, round butt, and slim hips, try our seamless massaging open butt short-legged shaper or the seamless anti-cellulite open-butt shaper boxer boy shorts. This shapewear slims the mid-section, gives the buttocks a hefty lift, and tightens the hip. It promotes a desirable hourglass figure. To slim your entire body and emphasize your legs, add pieces that prevent muffin tops and love handles. Our seamless high-waisted panty slip can create this feminine look underneath all types of clothing. Although it is high-waisted, it can still be worn with a backless dress because of its versatility. How to Recognize You’ve Chosen the Right Shapewear

•You will feel comfortable and will be able to move as normal. The fabric will only constrict you in the desired places. There should not be indentations left on your skin once you remove the shapewear.

•Does it look good underneath the clothes that you are wearing? The shapewear should not show under your clothes. If you see excess skin or fat hanging over, choose a different size.

•Expect a natural feel from your shapewear like you are wearing your average underwear.

•Stick to your size. If you have chosen the right size, it should stay in place.

•If you have opted for high waist shapewear, make sure the lines are clean along the torso. Some women prefer shapewear that goes all the way to their breasts to create a more streamlined look. To make the right investment, business owners will need to know what type of shapewear works best for backless dresses. Here is the top-selling Depotel shapewear for backless garments: Pop-Up Slip Panty Code 2001 This panty is perfect for a backless dress. It is low-rise which allows the entire back to show. Its seamless quality will prevent panty lines from showing.

Seamless Massaging Open Butt Short Legged Shaper Code 2032

This popular piece is ideal for creating an hourglass shape. It accentuates the buttocks by lifting and spreading them apart. It shapes the thigh and has some tummy control.

Seamless Anti-Cellulite Open-Butt Shaper Boxer Boy Shorts Code 2034 The anti-cellulite open-butt shaper boxer boy shorts stops mid-thigh, and it still lifts the buttocks and slims the hips. This is the perfect seamless underwear for women who prefer to wear shorter dresses.

Seamless Boxer Boy Shorts Code 3000 These seamless boxer boy shorts are the perfect garment to compliment a backless dress. It firms the buttocks and helps the tummy appear slimmer without unsightly panty lines.

Seamless Panty Slip Code 3001 The seamless panty slip offers a more provocative look. Its cheeky style offers compression for the lower belly while maintaining a sexy bikini style look.

Seamless Mid-Length Lightweight Boy Shorts Boxer Code 3003 This product overs seamless coverage for the lower belly and thighs. It is perfect for a mid-length backless dress.

Petticoat Underskirt Short Code 505 This short petticoat is perfect for backless dresses. It does not restrict the legs and is a subtle tummy control shapewear.

Petticoat Underskirt Long Code 506 This petticoat is longer but can still be worn under a backless dress of a longer length. It offers seamless tummy control.

Boxer Boy Shorts Code 1300 These seamless boy shorts offer tummy control and slim the inner thigh. It is a perfect addition to any dress – short or lengthy.

Slip Panty Code 1320 The slip panty slims the stomach and the hips. It is shaped like women’s briefs for added comfortability

Wire-Free Strapless Bra Clear Back Adjustable Straps Code 721

Some women still need support when wearing backless clothes. This bra has a clear strap in the back. It offers maximum support, and the clear strap does not take away from the aesthetic design of the dress.

Wire-Free Strapless Bra Clear Back Adjustable Straps (Push-Up) Code 722

This bra is perfect for women who need added support when wearing backless clothes. It has clear straps that go over the shoulder and across the back. It creates a more feminine appearance by pushing up the breast and allowing the back to show.

Women are continually looking for the best shapewear and wholesale shapewear orders have become increasingly more popular around the world. Women's underwear manufacturers take the guesswork out of what’s trending by offering the most desirable shapewear. Low minimum order shapewear manufacturer provides business owners with the opportunity to test the item’s popularity with its customers. Depotel is a trustworthy women's underwear manufacturer that sells seamless shapewear in bulk. This low minimum order shapewear manufacturer is based in Istanbul, Turkey. They use the finest Turkish fabrics to create seamless underwear for women. This private label shapewear manufacturer will ship products to you with your label inside. There is a surplus of options for seamless shapewear, but it must always compliment the style of clothing. Use the information presented in this article to make an educated decision on which seamless shapewear in bulk to purchase.

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