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Custom Shapewear in Bulk: Directly from the factory!

It is possible for small, medium, or large startups, brands, boutiques, online stores,

wholesalers, and resellers to buy seamless custom-designed and made women's shapewear in bulk directly from the factory when they do business with us at Depotel. As a private label shapewear manufacturer, we produce a wide range of top quality seamless underwear,

shapewear, sportswear, and activewear items for women and men. Plus, we work directly with any size company to supply them with all the shapewear and underwear they need.

When you want to buy shapewear in bulk directly from the factory, just give us a call.

Contact Us Directly

If your company needs large or small bulk orders of the best seamless shapewear and underwear for women and men at affordable prices, you don't have to go to a middleman.

Contact us directly to place any size order for underwear, shapewear, activewear, and sportswear that you need. As an experienced low minimum order shapewear manufacturer, we welcome the small orders customers place. We are glad to be able to supply startups and small brands and businesses with limited budgets with the shapewear and underwear items for women and men they need. We encourage customers large and small to contact us directly.

Explore Our Catalog

We invite small and large brands and companies of all types interested in our diverse range of sportswear, activewear, shapewear, and seamless underwear for women and men to explore our catalog, choose the items they want and place any size order they need. Go to: to see our catalog. To see more of the shapewear products we manufacture, visit the website of our sister company at: There you will find more

details about our prices, the fabrics we use, the ordering process and a whole lot more.

Custom Shapewear Directly From The Manufacturer

At Depotel, we can manufacture custom activewear, sportswear, shapewear and the highest quality seamless underwear for women and men at our facility in Istanbul, Turkey and ship it directly to our customers anywhere in the world. We eliminate the middleman markup and let you enjoy the savings. We custom design unique activewear, sportswear,

shapewear, and underwear to meet the specifications of our customers, produce the amount they want and ship it to their location. It increases the accuracy of the custom design and manufacturing processes and saves customers time and money if they tell us exactly what they want.

Make Our Low Prices Even More Affordable

When you order the sportswear, activewear, underwear and shapewear you need directly from us, it makes our already low prices even more affordable. We have very low prices for high quality, attractive, comfortable seamless shapewear and underwear for women and men. Companies can order the products they want directly from us and eliminate the cost of paying someone to negotiate a deal for us to do the manufacturing services. By contacting us directly, telling us what type of garments you want and the size of your order, it will make the price of your order even more affordable than using middlemen.

Low Minimum Orders Welcome

We are a versatile, understanding, low minimum order shapewear producer that is very comfortable manufacturing small orders of shapewear, underwear, activewear, as well as sportswear items for companies of any size. Many customers are pleasantly surprised to find we give them the option to place as small an order as they can afford. That is one of the benefits of contacting us directly when you want to place an order for any of the sportswear, activewear, underwear, or shapewear items in our catalog. Please click on the link to view our catalog and price list. Some companies think unless they are placing a huge order, we will not deal directly with them. The truth is, we welcome companies to contact us to place garment orders of any size.

The Right Low Minimum Order Shapewear Manufacturer

What many of our customers realize when they contact us directly is we are the right low minimum order shapewear manufacturer for their needs. We have a wide range of the very best underwear, shapewear, activewear, and sportswear items in our catalog and we can produce even small orders of the activewear, shapewear, and seamless underwear for women and men if that is all they can afford. We have worked directly with countless startups and small businesses that needed to make small orders to have a wide range of products necessary to attract customers and grow their businesses. Many of them are now some of our largest and best customers.

Partner With Us And Grow

We are not like the average women underwear manufacturer that is only interested in making the largest sale possible. We are the women's underwear manufacturer small brands and startups can partner with when they want to succeed, thrive, and grow. We see it as a privilege to be able to partner with a wide range of companies at different stages of development and supply them with the custom shapewear orders fulfillment services they need directly from the factory. We don't want companies to see us as just another women underwear manufacturer. We want them to see us as a partner committed to doing what's necessary to help them to grow.

Only A Phone Call Away

If you are looking for a way to get your custom garment orders filled directly from the factory, we are only a phone call away. We will gladly fill your custom shapewear orders directly from our Depotel factory in Istanbul, Turkey. When your company is on the lookout for a dependable source to which they can place custom shapewear orders and buy shapewear in bulk directly from the factory, we are only a phone call away. We are the private label low minimum order shapewear producer that is willing to work with startups, small businesses, and online companies and provide factory-direct bulk orders of the shapewear, underwear, sportswear, and activewear items they want.

An Excellent Private Label Shapewear Manufacturer

We are the excellent private label shapewear producer you can deal with directly to have your shapewear order custom packaged in the factory and the private or white label featuring your company name, logo, and barcodes printed on it affixed and shipped directly from the factory. By contacting the Depotel factory and having us serve as the private label shapewear manufacturer that makes packages and ships your shapewear order from the factory directly to you. It makes buying your shapewear items cost a lot less and selling them faster, easier, and more convenient. We can ship shapewear items that are custom packaged and have private labels directly from our factory to you.

We Ship Orders Anywhere

When you order custom shapewear, activewear, sportswear, and seamless underwear for men and women from us, we will produce the highest quality garments, made from the finest fabrics, custom package them and ship them directly from our Istanbul, Turkey factory to you no matter where in the world your company calls home. Using DHL and a wide array of other major shipping companies, as well as smaller, reliable, regional, and local companies, we can ship your order anywhere in the world. Plus, we also offer very fast shipping, so we can get your order to you quickly to help you to keep your customers happy and satisfied.

The Factory Direct Advantage

When you buy shapewear in bulk directly from our factory, some of the advantages you get include lower prices, faster service, and access to a wider array of seamless shapewear made to your exact specification.

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