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Shapewear Manufacturer from Turkey

Finding a great shapewear manufacturer provides extraordinary benefits for startup companies, digital marketers, wholesalers, and brick-and-mortar retailers. Our product line at Shapewear Wholesale by Depotel includes some of the highest qualify shapewear you can find on the market with so low minimum order quantities.

Why Choose a Private Label?

We sell soft, eco-conscious undergarments in bulk that can distinguish your business from its competitors with more exclusive shapewear for today’s appearance-conscious men and women. Our line offers businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs an excellent choice of exclusive, trendy shapewear products that can provide the inventory to start an online sales operation, exclusive boutique, or B2B wholesale operation.

Featuring a private label line of lightweight, shapewear can enhance your company’s reputation, increase profit on clothing sales and educate your customers about the advances in textile manufacturing that provide better shaping results than the cumbersome undergarments of past generations.

We believe strongly in providing the best customer service options in the industry, and our deluxe shapewear, underwear, activewear, and maternity garments are sustainable, stylish, and comfortable to help you build a long-lasting relationship with each of your customers.

The benefits of using our private label shapewear manufacturer services and products include:

  • Range of products to satisfy any distributor, shipper, wholesaler or retailer with multiple outlets

  • Ability to manufacture custom orders with small runs

  • Great customer service

  • All types of foundation garments

  • Ability to market shapewear garments to the new breed of red-carpet-conscious consumers

  • Greater consumer acceptance of shapewear garments based on the celebrity culture

  • Competitive bulk pricing

  • Label barcoding for inventory control

  • Fast shipping for just-in-time ordering

  • Custom packaging available

All these features and benefits are available for small orders to reduce your business risk. Our undergarments have little in common with old-fashioned girdles and corsets. Today’s foundation garments provide superior support, lightweight style and so much comfort that your customers can hardly believe the incredible shaping abilities of the garments.

Our Exclusive Product Line of Shapewear

Choosing a low minimum order shapewear manufacturer means that smaller boutiques and specialty shops can order private label shapewear for just-in-time inventory practices. Shapewear today gets lots of attention from the best customers, those who care about their appearance.

Our signature line of shapewear streamlines, flattens and sculpts both men and women far more efficiently and comfortably than the girdles and corsets used in the past. Unlike the one-size-fits-all philosophy that's often employed in the clothing industry for high-end products, our shapewear includes custom designs that fit and shape people based on individual body types.

Educating your customers about the importance of researching and fitting foundation undergarments to find a really great fit can have unexpected business benefits. During this process - whether done online or in-person - you can build a better, deeper relationship with your customers and encourage greater sales and higher customer satisfaction rates. When you understand how to condense the appearance of unsightly bulges and excess body fat, you establish a one-of-a-kind proprietary customer relationship that leads to greater loyalty.

You do your customers a grave disservice if you don’t recommend that they choose the proper size. Going for a smaller size results in a tacky look and poor fit that doesn’t match the contours of the customer’s physique. The result is a garment that’s ill-fitting and has protrusions and lumps.

Depotel women's underwear manufacturer produces form-fitting undergarments that enhance women’s natural assets to generate an optimal effect on appearance, comfort, and energy. Some of the benefits of our line shapewear for your customers include:

  • Comfort Your clients will experience better comfort and have greater energy from the close-fitting shapewear.

  • Better Appearance Customers will rave about how much better they look and feel when wearing shapewear, which is commonly worn by celebrities of both genders.

  • Better Fit We manufacture foundation garments that fit precisely and shape the physique based on natural curves and physical assets.

  • Close Fit to Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite Form-fitting underwear naturally conceals cellulite in the torso area and provides the benefits of micro-massage.

  • Slimming Qualities The most obvious benefit of shapewear is providing a slimmer appearance. The design of our shapewear conceals bulges and slims waistlines in a comfortable and sustainable manner. Your customers will enjoy an appearance that appears up to 10 pounds lighter, 10 years younger and more physically toned.

  • Support of the Waist, Back and Bust Shapewear naturally supports your customers’ waist, bust and back to make them feel better, enhance their posture and energize the body.

  • Circulatory Benefits Shapewear provides a great fit to stimulate blood circulation and boost the metabolism of those who wear it. The foundation garments we manufacture provide more energy and a natural increase in thermal energy for those who like to wear minimal clothing in cool or cold weather.

Our Shapewear Details

Our newest shapewear collections include men’s and women’s seamless shapewear, activewear, bras, maternity underwear and regular women’s underwear. You can order shapewear in all sizes, colors and prices, which are based on design, compression level and other factors. If you need samples to touch and feel, we’re happy to provide them at wholesale cost.

A skilled private label womens underwear manufacturer can produce seamless underwear for women that removes unsightly lines when your customers wear tight-fitting jeans, skirts and dresses. Our shapewear options go further by streamlining and flattering the wearer’s figure. Your customers will always look put together and polished - even after an exhausting day at work.

Learn More About Us

We are proud members of the most reputable consumer agencies in Turkey, and these include the Turkish Textile Exporters Association and the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. We can meet most of your needs with our extensive lines of shapewear in a range of colors and sizes. Anything we don’t carry can often be customized or personalized - such as using your logo on garment labels.

Our B2B Options for Resellers

If you sell large quantities of products for resale, you should consider the advantages of partnering with a private label shapewear manufacturer like Depotel. We feature wholesale products from our sister company at, and the selection includes extensive lines of shapewear, men’s undershirts, basic women’s underwear, energizing leggings, seamless shapers and bamboo maternity products.

Ordering Samples from Our Low Minimum Order Shapewear Manufacturer

Our simple process for ordering product samples of shapewear, regular underwear, activewear and maternity products ranks as our top inducement to convince business owners to carry our line. Once you see our products, you’ll realize the value of adding them to your inventory. Just send an email that specifies the products that you want to see, and we’ll send you samples at wholesale prices.

Turkish History of High Business Standards and Ethics

High ethical standards, family-owned businesses and empathetic customer service have always dominated Turkish capitalism since the days of textile trading routes to the east. Our business philosophy closely follows these ancient standards while adopting new textile manufacturing advances that define today’s markets.

If you want to sell real-world products online, finding a seamless shapewear manufacturer provides a great business association. Even those who only carry seamless underwear for women will appreciate our line of foundation garments. Our Turkey-based company hearkens back to the days when Turkey was the top merchant-trading crossroads in the world and our manufacturing processes meet or exceed all modern standards. Take a look at our catalog, or get further product and pricing information at our sister site,, the wholesale operation.

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