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Where can I buy shapewear in bulk?

If you run a small business, a startup, a boutique, a new brand, an online e-commerce website, or are a reseller or wholesaler and are wondering where you can buy shapewear in bulk, you've come to the right place. We are Shapewear Wholesale by Depotel, a private label shapewear manufacturer serving companies worldwide. We specialize in producing the finest quality seamless shapewear and undergarments for men and women. We can provide you with the bulk orders of men's and women's shapewear and underwear you need at great prices. Contact us today to learn about the services we offer.

Small Bulk Orders Welcome

Don't put up with shapewear manufacturers that don't treat your small bulk order with the respect and urgency it deserves. Just give us a call. We are a low minimum order shapewear manufacturer with the staff, equipment, and system to produce and deliver bulk orders to small and medium-sized companies all over the world. Small bulk order fulfillment is an important part of our business model. We work with many startups and small businesses around the world, manufacturing their small bulk orders and making sure it's delivered to their door in the agreed-upon time frame.

A Wide Selection

We are a men's and women's seamless underwear and shapewear manufacturer that designs, manufactures, and ships a wide selection of intimate apparel for women and men in small, medium, and large quantities. We work with companies and bulk orders of any size. You can order a few of several different types of men's and women's shapewear from us. Many companies are amazed when they see the diverse range of shapewear and underwear we produce. Check out our catalog HERE and see for yourself. Then place any size order that you want.

What You Can Expect

We are a men's and women's underwear manufacturer with a reputation for producing excellent shapewear and underwear for women and men of all ages. There are a number of things you can expect when you do business with Shapewear Wholesale by Depotel. They include:

1. A Broad Range Of High Quality, Attractive, Comfortable Shapewear, And Underwear.

2. Fast Shipping

3. Competitive Pricing

4. Private Label And White Label Packaging

5. Custom Packaging

6. Labeling Barcoding

7. Comprehensive Services On Even Very Low Minimum Quantity Bulk Orders

We have a track record of exceeding the expectations of our customers. Customers are often surprised that even though they made a small bulk order, it was quickly and properly manufactured and delivered. That's why customer referrals have been key to our success.

High-Quality Products

As a men's and women's underwear manufacturer, we know that men and women want seamless underwear and shapewear that is soft, strong, comfortable, fits well and is effective in making them look their best. That's why we are committed to designing and producing the highest quality products. When small businesses, startups, boutiques, new brands, online e-commerce websites, resellers, and wholesalers sell our products to customers, they consistently get rave reviews on its comfort, quality, and effectiveness. Our men's and women's shapewear and intimate underwear look great, works well, and lasts for years.

Excellent Fabrics And Production Processes

When we make our seamless underwear for women and men, we use excellent fabrics and the best production processes and techniques. We understand the way a garment feels when it touches a person's skin helps to determine whether they will feel comfortable wearing it all day long. The fabrics, designs, and production techniques we use to create our premium quality seamless undergarments and shapewear make women and men look and feel great and earn them lots of compliments. That's why they buy them again and again and tell all their friends about them and where to find them. For many men and women seamless underwear made from quality fabrics using advanced production processes in a wise investment.

Fast Service

Timing is everything in business. We understand that delivering bulk orders quickly enables companies to better serve and satisfy their customers. That's why providing fast service is a point of pride at Shapewear Wholesale by Depotel. As a low minimum order shapewear manufacturer, we know that small businesses and startups depend on their bulk orders being on time to ensure they have the inventory their customers need when they need it. We go the extra mile to make sure every bulk order is produced, shipped, and delivered on time so our customers can meet their commitments and get exactly what they need as quickly as possible.

Affordable Prices

As a private label shapewear manufacturer that often produces bulk orders for small companies, we know affordable prices is essential for small and medium-sized businesses with tight profit margins. We strive to offer the most affordable seamless underwear for women and men. This makes it possible for our customers to sell our seamless men's and women's underwear and shapewear at competitive prices and still realize a good profit. If you are a small business, startup, new brand, boutique, e-commerce website,

reseller or wholesaler who wants the best price on women's and men's shapewear and underwear, call us today.

We Ship Anywhere

Whether your company is based in a small town, rural village, or any other far-flung location, we work with shipping companies that can get your bulk order to you safely, efficiently, and on time. From our manufacturing facility in Istanbul, Turkey, we ship small bulk orders of beautiful, comfortable, seamless men's and women's underwear and shapewear all around the world. Working with major cargo companies like DHL and small regional shipping companies, we are able to have bulk orders delivered anywhere in the world. Just contact us, tell us your location, and what you want and we will get it to you fast.

Check Out Our Inventory

If you are unsure of exactly what type of seamless men's and women's underwear to order, take a look at our extensive inventory in our catalog. Simply log on to see our catalog HERE or check out our sister company's website at Those two sites will provide you with all the information you need about the men's and women's shapewear and underwear we manufacture, our pricing, shipping information and any other details you need to know about our company, Shapewear Wholesale by Depotel. Check it out today.

A Dependable Private Label Shapewear Manufacturer

We are a low minimum order shapewear manufacturer small and medium-sized businesses, brands, e-commerce websites, boutiques, resellers, and wholesalers can depend on to design, produce and ship their bulk orders of attractive, comfortable, high quality, seamless men's and women's underwear and shapewear. They can depend on Shapewear Wholesale by Depotel to provide seamless underwear for women and men for which there is a growing demand worldwide. Every bulk order is important to us. We ensure they are properly packaged, labeled, and shipped on time to even the most obscure locations anywhere in the world.

Quality Men's And Women's Seamless Shapewear Right When You Need It

When you want to make sure you get the best men's and women's seamless shapewear and underwear at an excellent price, properly packaged and labeled and shipped to you right when you need it, we are the women's underwear manufacturer you need. No bulk order is too big or too small and no company location is out of the reach of our shipping department. When you need bulk orders of seamless women's underwear and shapewear, call Shapewear Wholesale by Depotel.

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