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What is Shapewear?

We are a top-rated wholesale shapewear manufacturer specializing in all full-body shapers wholesale accessible for ordering 24/7. This is the ideal brand for the renowned Shapewear Wholesaler. It is a reputable dealer in bulk deliveries of a broad range of women’s seamless products. Our selection includes the best shapewear for women, daily basic underwear, activewear, sportswear, maternity wear, and a collection of other quality Turkish garments. In case you are a small reseller, medium-sized company, or a global brand, this is your invaluable manufacturing partner. We perceive our clients as partners because we believe in mutual benefits that accrue to our company should our clients’ profit margin expand. That is why in our bid to build lasting relationships and longtime business deals, we strive our best to offer premium quality goods and services. Shapewear Values Lasting Client Relationship. Every opportunity to enter into a business venture is an entrepreneurial risk. The return to this risk is what determines the success or failure of the business. To enhance business success rate market information and anticipation of decelerating factors is vital. Equally important are the right steps to mitigate factors that are likely to contribute to the unfortunate failure. With a clear understanding of all the limiting factors to both new and established clients, our business is modeled around policies that promise to walk with you through the tumultuous journey. It offers competitive pricing across its range of curves wear, foundation garment, and custom shapewear manufacturing products. As we offer customized services and timely deliveries we partner with big and small resellers and brands to guarantee maximum customer reach. Our rallying call is to build strong partnerships with our clients through synergized approaches to meet dynamic customer needs. While answering the question what is seamless shapewear? It is imperative to familiarize ourselves with our core strengths. Our Strengths

Cut above the rest, we source our products directly from the manufacturer. Our prices are pocket-friendly while our flexibility in ordering quantities is a big plus for small resellers and e-commerce resellers. To meet your specifications, our company takes pride in the following strengths;

I. A broad range of products that can fill all the needs of a brand, reseller, or distributor. Our business model takes into account the various business sizes to deliver diverse quantities that are rationally justifiable given the associated costs II. Fast-tracked shipping process. We work with reliable and trustworthy delivery and global logistic companies to ensure timely deliveries across the globe. From the likes of DHL to UPS and the Turkish Airlines Cargo our delivery channels are equipped to ensure timely and dependable deliveries III. Competitive pricing. The pricing model applied to the range of our products will let you have value for every penny expended. Our analysis of both intrinsic and extrinsic factors helps us to offer products at the most possible economical price. IV. Premium quality products. At the core of our business values is the premium attached to quality. We guarantee a great sense of perfection that matches your class, elegance, and fashion-making statements. V. Custom packaging. We carefully pay attention to our client's packaging specifications to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction and guaranteed safety while the order is in transit VI. Private labels. Given the diverse tastes and preferences, we are accommodative of divergent views regarding labeling services. Get in touch with us and we will get your private label etched into your lovely wear. VII. We guarantee Turkish quality textiles. Our focus on Turkish textiles is informed by the fact that Turkey is simply the 'Textile Country'. If you want to give your textile-related business a priceless head start consider stocking Turkish products. Not only are they synonymous with quality but also present an incomparable logistical advantage coupled with competitive pricing. VIII. We also do barcoding for your ordered products directly from the factory. Our strengths are barely countable. Even so, our stand-out selling point is that we offer all these services at very low minimum quantities. Sourced directly from the factory, our DEPOTEL manufacturers have their sleeves rolled up round the clock to guarantee the minimum possible turnaround times on your placed order. We are distinguished for our exemplary creations and exports of seamless products in bulk to our global clients who include resellers, wholesalers, boutiques, brands, and versatile brands with e-commerce imprints. To be part and parcel of your business growth journey, we describe ourselves as the ideal low minimum order shapewear manufacturer.


The process is fairly simple while scrolling down your mobile or desktop interface. • Start with selecting products as you browse through our options for the seamless shapewear catalog. • Get back to us with your list of requested samples • Review the samples and place a bulk order from your favorite items. Our seamless shapewear catalog is full of products that cover diverse tastes and preferences • We start working on your order as soon as the payment is cleared and notify you when ready • When an order is ready, we ship worldwide through such experienced and trusted channels as DHL, Turkish Airlines Cargo, or UPS. Who we are Interested In?

Are you a business dealing with the best shapewear for women ordered directly from the manufacturer? Or, you have been looking forward to setting up a shapewear merchandise store? Probably, you have bumped into our unbeatable deals and paused to wonder what is shapewear? We are a uniquely ambitious link to all, your custom shapewear manufacturing needs. We go beyond the bounds of comfort to guarantee our clients cutting-edge professionalism with an easy-to-understand online ordering process and easily navigable interface. We endeavor to connect with global online merchants and physical stores with a keen interest in seamless underwear brands, wholesalers, and distributors with both local and international imprints. Irrespective of your business size, we seek to establish a long-lasting relationship while cementing every step of your growth with idyllic and enviable commercial memories. All our global products are manufactured by Depotel, a Turkish-based wholesale shapewear manufacturer with a matchless industrial reputation. While our products are undoubtedly superior in terms of quality we invite you to relish product-related inquiries through Besides, we allow for custom-made manufacturing specifications through our exclusive private labeling catalog that is easily accessible through our official website. To view our latest catalog and price list, please click HERE.

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