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What Are The Bestselling Shapewear Products Online? Tips From A Shapewear Manufacturer

Whether you are a small startup just beginning to sell shapewear for women online or your brand or company has been selling them for years, to be profitable and attract as many customers as possible, you must know what the best shapewear products for selling online are. Getting some tips from an experienced shapewear manufacturer can help. We are Shapewear Wholesale by Depotel, a private label, low minimum order shapewear manufacturer that is located in Istanbul, Turkey. We not only know what categories of shapewear products are selling the most online, but we can also supply companies with attractive, high-quality versions at very affordable prices.

What Shapewear Product Are Selling Best Online Online shapewear sales generate over $2.5 billion each year. Of that total, over 94% is sales to female consumers. The shapewear product categories consistently selling the best online are women's shapewear bodysuits and body shaping garments. Seamless smooth slip shorts, tummy control girdles, and women's waist trainer shapewear also sell well online. At Depotel we make all of these shapewear items and many more. We are a private label low minimum order shapewear manufacturer that small brands, companies, startups, wholesalers, and re-sellers can depend on to supply them with any type of shapewear products they need. Some Valuable Tips As a private label shapewear manufacturer with years of experience supplying a wide variety of women's shapewear products to small, medium and large startups and veteran online e-commerce companies, there are a number of valuable tips we can share to help companies easily tap into the multibillion-dollar global women's shapewear market. Here are a few of them:

Tip One Find a reliable source of the highest quality, most popular women's shapewear items at affordable prices. At Depotel we design, manufacture and ship a staggering range of the best, most in-demand, body shaping garments including shapewear bodysuits for women to startups, established brands, and companies, wholesalers, and re-sellers all around the world. Tip Two Offer a wide range of shapewear women want. When your e-commerce website gives women a large number of excellent shapewear products from which to choose, it leads to repeat sales to the same customer and attracts a broader range of buyers from many demographic groups. We manufacture a vast array of the finest quality, most popular shapewear items for women of all ages, sizes, and tastes Tip Three Offer affordably price-quality shapewear for women. At Depotel we are known for being an excellent low minimum order shapewear manufacturer with attractive, comfortable, top of the line, women's body shapers, panty shapers, shapewear bodysuits and many of the other very popular shapewear items women want most at prices so affordable they are nearly impossible to beat. Tip Four Sell women's shapewear products that have your private label and logo attached. We are a private label shapewear manufacturer that's happy to attach private labels or white labels that have your company's brand name, logo, and barcodes on the custom packaged women's shapewear products we manufacture for you. Not only does this make selling and shipping the items faster and easier, but it also helps to improve your brand marketing efforts. Tip Five Make moderate size orders of a variety of women's shapewear products to gauge consumer interest in each one to avoid being stuck with items for which there is not as much of a demand. We are low minimum order shapewear manufacturers and we are happy to fill small orders of any and all the women's shapewear products we manufacture. This has made us a lifeline for small brands and startups with limited budgets. We encourage any brand or company interested in making small orders of comfortable, high quality, very popular women shapewear products to look throughout the catalog, check out our inventory, and make any size order they want. Just browse through our catalog by going to our site at: You can also check out a lot more of the shapewear items we offer and get pricing data and other details at the website of our sister company at: Tip Six It's very important to make sure to choose a women's shapewear manufacturer that offers fast shipping to you wherever your company is located. At Depotel we regularly ship any size order to small and large brands, companies, and startups anywhere in the world. We work with large shipping companies like DHL as well as a wide array of reliable small local shipping companies to deliver our customers' orders to even the smallest cities, tiniest towns and most remote villages. Plus, we offer fast service. We understand timing is very important in business, so we get your order to you as fast as possible. Tip Seven Offering seamless underwear for women via an online e-commerce site is another way to increase the number of customers visiting your website dramatically. The global women's underwear market generates over $110 billion in sales each year. Offering seamless underwear for women on your e-commerce website attracts more women and gives you an opportunity to tap into the more than $100 billion dollars spent on women's underwear each year. Seamless underwear for women is one of the many products we manufacture at our Istanbul, Turkey-based facility. We can supply your company with the attractive seamless women's underwear you want and need. Tip Eight Be sure to have a wide selection of shapewear bodysuits available on your website. The shapewear bodysuit is one of the hottest, most in-demand women's shapewear items on the market today. It is essential to provide visitors to your website a variety of styles and designs of shapewear bodysuits from which to choose. We produce a wide selection of high-quality shapewear bodysuits made from the finest fabrics that women love. With just one call we can supply your company with any size order of shapewear bodysuits in a wide range of colors and sizes. Tip Nine Be sure to carry a wide selection of shapewear leggings. Leggings is essential item women wear just about every day. Women are always looking for new, stylish, unique, very attractive, comfortable leggings to add to their collection. Once women know that your e-commerce site is a good source for the type of leggings they and their friends are looking for, they will tell other women about your site and the flow of visitors to your website will increase exponentially. We make a diverse range of great leggings women worldwide can use to enhance the shape and appearance of their legs. Tip Ten Call us if you want the finest women's shapewear garments available today. We design, manufacture, and ship a diverse array of women's shapewear products to online companies in the far-flung corners of the world. We are a private label shapewear manufacturer that's been producing some of the best and most popular women's underwear and shapewear for lots of years. If you want to get easy access to the wide range of high-quality shapewear products we have to offer, simply contact us by telephone or online and visit and to see and order any of our women's shapewear products. A Growing Market Segment Online sales of women's shapewear and seamless underwear is a segment of the over $110 billion annual sales of women's underwear worldwide. If your brand or company wants to increase its online sales of women's shapewear, call us today. Not only can we give you valuable tips that can help your online sales to grow, but we can also supply the shapewear products you need.


We are always here to help, if you have any suggestions or questions we would love to hear back from you me. SO if you have any inquires please send us an email or fill out the contact form on our website.

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