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The Newest Product from the Best Shapewear Manufacturer

People everywhere are finding that shapewear has become a necessity if you want to look your best. Shapewear is not “just a trend”. It has been worn for many decades. The women in ancient Greece and Rome would make leather or metal corsets to help shape their figure. Over time, shapewear has evolved, and having a wholesale shapewear manufacturer like DEPOTEL is the way to go if shapewear is a part of your business model. Custom shapewear manufacturing is a necessity if you want to attract more customers. I admire fitness models, influencers, or boutique owners who invest in giving their customers the best shapewear for women.

If I have piqued your interest, you may be wondering what is shapewear? Shapewear is commonly defined as garments that are worn to enhance femininity. This includes corsets, shaping briefs or thongs, bodysuits, shorts, tank tops, slip dresses, and girdles. It can also be used after surgery or during recovery after childbirth. A wholesale shapewear manufacturer can help alleviate stress by helping you cater to the consumer's need since there are so many to choose from. Now that I have answered the question: what is shapewear, let's discuss a specific type.

I have noticed that there is a growing demand for seamless arm shapewear, especially after weight loss surgery. A seamless arm shaper is an ideal solution for women who have sagging skin underneath their arms. My friends and I like to jokingly refer to them as batwings. I have encountered several women who have undergone weight loss surgery only to be subjected to body shaming because of their loose skin. Loose skin is easier to hide from the waist-down, but what about your arms? Wearing three-quarter sleeves will limit your wardrobe choices and will only provide a temporary solution. An arm shaper can be worn during the weight loss process to reduce the effects of sagging skin. It can also be worn under short-sleeved shirts to hide sagging skin. Wearing a seamless arm shaper has helped me contour my arms. I noticed that I burned more calories throughout the day which improved my muscle tone. I had more energy than usual, and I learned that the compression also increases blood circulation.

To provide the best shapewear for women, you will need a reputable shapewear manufacturer and distributor.

Here are some of the benefits of using our company:

*We believe in providing the best customer service, so we make it easy to brand your business. We provide custom shapewear manufacturing which means that you can choose to have a private label or a white label. This is an effective way to market your product because it has its unique branding. A private label will remind women which shapewear has been the most effective which ultimately leads to repeat buyers. Custom packaging is available.

*We pride ourselves on building long-standing business relationships. Your satisfaction is our goal. For these reasons, we begin work immediately on each order. This allows us to maintain our reputation for fast shipping. Keep in mind that we are a low minimum order shapewear manufacturer. Order what you need and focus on building your brand without the stress of storing a mass amount of inventory. Our business model caters specifically to the need of each business patron.

*Did you know that we can place barcodes on your shapewear? Barcodes provide an easy way to manage your inventory, automatically identify products, and gives business owners the ability to have real-time updates on sales. It can also be used for theft deterrence and security tracking.

*Our competitive pricing is one of our most attractive features. DEPOTEL's company leaders are continuously finding ways to save our customers money without sacrificing quality which is why we use Turkish quality textiles. If you have not considered working with a Turkish supplier, now is the time to start. Turkey is a leading textile country mainly because of the premium quality and logistical leverage. I choose vendors from Turkey because I am aware of how textiles provide comfort, durability, and can contour a woman’s body. Once you have tried Turkey’s fabrics, everything else will seem subpar.

With over 4 years of industry experience, we have built long-standing relationships, listened to business owners, and simplified the process by offering a seamless shapewear catalog. Our catalog includes arm shapers along with a variety of other shapewear for all body types. Everything ships directly from the manufacturer and samples are available upon request. We have satisfied customers from around the world. One of our most recent orders was from the Middle East. The client loved our arm shaper so much that we decided to make it available to other vendors.

DEPOTEL has created a logistical shipping system that allows us to ship anywhere directly from the factory. If you are on planet Earth, we will find a way to get it to you – quick and efficiently.

The order process takes place after you have browsed our seamless shapewear catalog. It can be completed in three easy steps:

1. Select products from the catalog and provide us with a list of requested samples.

2. Evaluate the samples and place your bulk order from your list of favorites.

3. We confirm the order and ship it to your destination directly from the factory.

Remember that all orders are processed immediately, and we ship worldwide via DHL, UPS, Turkish Airlines Cargo, and will use other cargo providers if needed. Everything is sent directly from the manufacturer to you. DEPOTEL is based in Istanbul Turkey and we proudly manufacture our products.

DEPOTEL understands how important it is to maintain customer satisfaction which is why we produce affordable products with impeccable quality. Our history in the shapewear industry speaks volumes for itself. We treat everyone with the utmost respect and professionalism with each order – big or small. We have succeeded at keeping our customers coming back by providing excellent communication, working to understand their distinctive business requirements, and supplying the best shapewear on the market. For product-related inquiries, please visit us at

Our catalog available for private labeling can be accessed at:

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