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The Best Shapewear for Women During and Post-Pregnancy

When working in the maternity industry, there are so many areas that focus on the baby. From bottle brands, clothing styles, and nutritional needs, it is up to the parents to decide how this bundle of love will be brought up and in what way they can best care for them. Yet, with the focus mostly on the child, often the mother goes overlooked and her needs unmet. She is expected to put the baby first before everything, and this can have a detriment to not only her mental health but also to her physical health. Without the proper undergarments to help ensure her body is supported, the mother runs the risk of stretch marks and back problems from having to carry the weight of herself and the child. The need for self-care is even more important now than it was before, and we are here to help you cater to those very needs.

There will many personal items she will need, such as maternity shapewear, post-pregnancy underwear, and nursing products. We at Shapewear Wholesale work hard to provide our customers with everything an expectant mother could need and even those that she may not know she needs for their brands and distributors worldwide. We are a low minimum order shapewear manufacturer who works hard with Turkish suppliers to provide the best shapewear for women. The Turkish nation is known for its textiles and their quality is unmatched, as you can see when you peruse our seamless shapewear catalog.

Directly from the Manufacturer / Directly from the Factory

Most wholesale shapewear manufacturer companies offer their wares exactly as they have them with little to no variety. It is nearly impossible to get things made exactly as you would like them without there being a major cost for it. Also, there is a lack of care for making sure the appeal truly fits the mother’s needs. By ordering directly from the manufacturer, we can make sure that your customers get everything they need from their shapewear and with the style that you would like. Plus, by getting your order directly from the factory of Turkish textile workers, you can be guaranteed that these items will be made by some of the greatest craftsmen of all. They take deep pride in their work and will make sure that everything is made to order as you request it.

What is Shapewear and Why is it Necessary?

The question of ‘what is shapewear and why is it necessary’ is something that most mothers to be do not think to ask about because people try to take the focus off of the mother’s expanding figure and on the life she is making. Yet, shapewear is just as important as it is prior to pregnancy. Women wish to look their best and so need to be able to purchase the necessary items to help with that during this delicate stage in their life. Plus, shapewear also helps the mother by adding an element of relief to the strains on their body. A good shapewear can help support the pressure that the pulling down of the belly has as the child grows and can also help with reducing the appearance of stretch marks. All in all, a good line of shapewear can make things a lot easier on the mother.

The Ordering Process

Our ordering process is as seamless as our products. Start by browsing our seamless shapewear catalog and selecting the items you like. Then, reach out to us with a list of requested samples and we will send them to you for your review. Once you have selected you desired pieces, place a bulk order of your favorite items. When payment has been cleared for the order that is when we get to work making your items exactly as you want them to be and will notify you once they are ready to be shipped. Being a wholesale shapewear manufacturer, we can delivery you products in a timely and efficient manner. For worldwide orders, we use either DHL, UPS or Turkish Airlines Cargo to ensure that the order is delivered in a safe and timely manner.

What Kind of Shapewear Do We Sell

At Shapewear Wholesale, we offer a variety of shapewear garments to mee the needs of any mother to be. For those who are wanting full body coverage, there is the Maternity Undershirt Tank Top. This helps with the illusion of an undershirt but also wraps around the body to provide some relief as well to the back and underbelly. For after the baby has arrived, there are post-pregnancy underwear panty slips that still provides help and great coverage. If you are planning on breastfeeding, there are bustier bras to help hold up the chest but provide easy access for baby when it’s feeding time. If pants are an issue, there are also Tights Pants Leggings that can make it easier and maintain the supporting features of other shapewear. Be sure to check out of nursing products in our catalog as well. Whatever kind of look you are wanting; we are the ones to help you find them and get them at the best wholesale rate.

Why You Should Choose Shapewear Wholesale

There are many different wholesalers that offer to supply worldwide distributors with a variety of maternity shapewear. Yet, unlike them, we offer something greater and at a better price. We offer better communication with the people making your product so that you can rest easy knowing that you are getting exactly what you wanted. We offer more variety in the different makes and styles of shapewear. We also offer the best workers who will be determined to make sure your orders meet your exact specifications. Our company takes great pride in what we do and what we make. Nothing is sent out that doesn't meet our high standards and we make sure our manufacturers know the standard we have for them.

For more information on shapewear and our company, please visit our sister company DEPOTEL here. For product related inquiries, please visit here.

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