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Shapewear Industry Growing: Market Size, Trends & Analysis

Shapewear is foundation undergarments designed to temporarily change the shape of a person's body and make it look tighter, smoother, sleeker, and more defined. As more people around the world develop an interest in looking fit and fabulous, the shapewear industry has grown by leaps and bounds. Once only used by older women, today shapewear is embraced by men and women of all ages globally. A wide array of shapewear products are sold by brick and mortar stores, independent marketers, and online e-commerce sites. Companies large and small profitably sell shapewear products.

New Lifestyles, Materials And Shapewear Garments

The shapewear industry's growth is fueled by several factors. One is the increasing interest in health, fitness, and sports by people all over the world. A second factor is the development of new fabrics that help shape the body. The introduction of new shapewear garments is another important factor in the industry's growth. The shapewear the industry is also expanding because of people of all shapes, ages, sizes, and fitness levels changing attitudes toward wearing the undergarments. Shapewear Market Size In 2018, the global shapewear market was estimated to be at least $2.26 billion. Industry experts project until 2025, the shapewear market will continue to increase by 7.7% annually to an estimated $3.5 billion in annual sales. With people from all walks of life purchasing shapewear products, the product offers an excellent chance for small businesses, startups, e-commerce websites, boutiques, new brands, resellers, and wholesalers to tap into this lucrative market. Millions of people worldwide are buying shapewear because it helps them look and feel their best. A Growing Variety Of Shapewear Products The global market for shapewear garments is increasing rapidly and is expected to continue to do so because a growing variety of shapewear products are constantly being introduced. They include corsets, body shapers, control camisoles, saree shapewear, singlets, and body briefs. Technologically advanced materials enabling body balancing and the rapidly expanding use of shapewear by sports and fitness enthusiasts are helping to drive the market for shapewear. This growing global demand continues to augment the growth lucrative market because the foundation garments make people look great and feel wonderful.

Shapewear Trends One rapidly growing shapewear trend is luxury silk shapewear for women. It includes silk bodysuits designed to be worn under a wedding dress, cocktail dress, or any other spectacular garment. Stylish shapewear designed for everyday slimming, gym fabulous flexing, or post-surgery compression is another trend. Some designers are transforming shapewear into intimate indulgences that let women proudly display their femininity. There's a booming market for stretch shapewear made from premium fabrics to create high waist mid-thigh, lingerie-inspired boxer shorts shapers that help provide support without sacrificing comfort and glamour. Shapewear For Men

One burgeoning trend that has taken off around the world is shapewear for men. Designed to be worn under business suits, workout gear, or anything in between, there is a wide and growing array of shapewear foundation garments for men. They include waist trainer belts for workouts, fat burning, or enhancing fitness. High waist tummy control shorts, seamless slimming underwear, body slimming compression shirts, vests, tank tops, and undershirts are also popular. There's even growing demand for shapewear waist girdles, support underwear, waist and body shaper vests, and slimming bodysuits for men of all ages, fitness levels, and body types. Shapewear Market Analysis Shapewear industry analysts say North America was the segment which accounted for the largest share of the shapewear market with 38.9% in 2019. They attribute it to the region's consumer's rising interest in body-shaping products. Analysts say the key factors that are driving the growth of the global shapewear market is rapidly evolving fashion trends as well as increasing worldwide demand for superior fabrics. Research shows the largest distribution channel is specialty stores. In 2018, their share of the shapewear market was over 58%. The fastest-growing segment is online sales. Looking Ahead Globally, women purchase 94% off shapewear products sold and analysts don't anticipate this number going down significantly anytime soon. Women's increased interest in athletic activities, as well as professional sports and appreciation of shapewear's comfort and aesthetic effects, is predicted to keep their purchasing numbers high. They also see the shapewear industry in the Asia Pacific region growing the fastest over the next decade or so. Analysts base the prediction on the region's large population's increasing disposable income. Shapewear brands are drawn to the region's large and growing number of millennials and sports enthusiasts. A Private Label Shapewear Manufacturer We are Depotel, a private label shapewear manufacturer based in Istanbul, Turkey. We can provide small businesses, online e-commerce companies, boutiques, new brands, resellers and wholesalers with bulk orders of a wide range of seamless shapewear for men and women. We are known for producing the highest quality products and shipping them to companies all over the world. Many small to medium-sized companies work with us because we are a low minimum order shapewear manufacturer that gladly produces and ships small bulk orders of seamless men's and women's shapewear to companies worldwide. Quality Materials And Diverse Styles We are a private label shapewear manufacturer that has earned a reputation for designing and producing shapewear for women and men made of the finest quality materials and available in wonderfully diverse styles. We know consumers want shapewear that's stylish, comfortable, durable, effective, and attractive and feels good against their skin. That's why we use high-quality materials, creative, intuitive, designs, and the best manufacturing processes. If you are a small to medium-sized business, new brand, an e-commerce company, specialty boutique, reseller or wholesaler looking for high quality, attractive, comfortable seamless shapewear, contact us today. Affordable Prices As a low minimum order shapewear manufacturer, one of the things that make many small and medium-sized businesses order from us, again and again, is our affordable prices. They know even if they only have a small bulk order, we can still give them low prices. We work with many small companies with limited budgets that are trying to tap into the growing market for diverse, high quality, shapewear for women and men. Our affordable prices enable them to start with small orders and grow as their customer base expands. We constantly get phone calls and emails from companies that use our affordably priced shapewear to become wildly successful. You can access our catalog HERE and price list HERE. Please also keep in mind that all of the product info is always available on our website at Seamless Underwear For Women And Men We are a men's and women's underwear manufacturer that offers a wide range of beautiful styles and innovative, attractive designs of seamless shapewear for men and women. If you need a men's and women's underwear manufacturer that can produce all the latest styles of shapewear, offer it to you at affordable prices, and ship even small bulk orders anywhere in the world, call us today. Not only do we have a wide selection of intimate undergarments and shapewear for men and women, but we can also custom produce shapewear to meet your specifications and unique designs if you order 1000pcs+ per design. Check Out Our Catalog If you want to see our entire line of shapewear for men and women, check out our catalog here. You can also see more of the styles we produce by visiting our sister company's website, It has detailed information about our company, product pricing, and more. When you get seamless underwear for women and men from us, you also get: 1. Fast Shipping 2. Competitive Pricing 3. Private Label/White Label 4. Custom Packaging 5. Labeling Barcoding 6. Low Minimum Quantities Contact us today. You will be glad you did.

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