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Newest Shapewear Trends of 2023

Shapewear garments are getting more and more popular each and every year. Women all around world with different body shapes are using body shaping shapewear products daily. Some use it daily, some use it on special occasions, some people use it in sports and some after specific surgeries... In any case shapewear product are one of the most commonly used textile product from women, regardless of location, race or age. All women need it and use whether they are 20 or 60 years old.

When you look from the outside with an uneducated eye one might think that all shapewear is same. However that is so far from the truth... Quality of the materials, fabric - craftsmanship, sizing are some of the most important factors that determine the overall quality of the garments. A product might be made of a premium fabrics but if the finishing is not good or if the sizing is not right, you wont feel comfortable in it, and if you don't feel comfortable you will start to look for replacements... Our goal here at Shapewear Wholesale is to manufacture the most comfortable shapewear at affordable prices. Of course there are many "premium" brands that manufacture shapewear products however the price difference is just so high that it doesn't make any sense.

Shapewear industry is an evolving like everything else... Every year there are new features added to shapewear products but most of them are technological advancements on the fabric quality or the manufacturing process, when you look carefully most of the bestselling design haven't really changed that much in the past 5-10 years. Things that women look for are almost the same. Women want, compression, but to be comfortable at the same time such as easy bathroom access, they want quality products that will last for some years at least, adjustable straps are one of the most asked features, it must be breathable and etc... No one is really looking for some crazy designs simply because shapewear products are a layer that is worn under the regular clothing that no one sees... Plus its not like a sexy outfit that can replace a lingerie in a foreplay situation anyways. So the feel and the quality is always much more important than the looks.

What are the bestselling seamless shapewear products of 2022?

Bestsellers at Shapewear Wholesale in year 2022 was the basic models mostly. Timeless designs that serves the purpose and feels comfy. Below we listed few of the bestsellers of the past year.

MODEL NO: 4005

This one most popular wire-free sports bra. We sell it mostly in the EU and the UK. Feedback has been great too. It comes in 3 different colors and 5 sizes. It is preferred simple because it is very comfortable. Straps are thick and don't follow down and the thickness of the fabric cover every where so you don't have to worry about showing anything underneath.

MODEL NO: 2007

One of our bestsellers for many years. We straight forward belly, leg and butt compression. Covers half the thighs which allows it to be worn with short dresses or skirts. Has silicone linings in the belly area which stops slippage. Great product overall, sell very successfully in all markets, from Africa to Europe to USA.

MODEL NO: 2008

Like 2008 this also is a very standard design that you can find in almost every women's closet. Slip corset shaper, has no leg compression but focusses on the butt and the belly area. This product doesn't need much explanation anyways! Also has silicone lining in the inner belly area to to stop the garment from slipping.

MODEL NO: 5400

At Shapewear Wholesale maternity is one of our strong points, we manufacture a lot of different designs for maternity period. Within the maternity collection model number 5400, maternity leggings is our bestseller. It is really thin and comfortable, it doesn't have any compression, it basically a daily leggings with pregnancy belly. But sells great!

So if you are brand or a company that is looking to start or add seamless shapewear, underwear, maternity wear, mens shaping shapewear compression products to their collection please contact us, you can either send us an email, use the website contact form or reach out to us on WhatsApp. Someone from our team will get back to you with all the info that you need to start the process. We also suggest that you order samples too, both to see the quality and sizing of the garments. This is also very important as we take pride in our product quality. Sometimes clients ask us "What is your difference? What sets you apart from the competition?" And we say that it is our quality and customer service. That is why we strongly suggest that you order shapewear samples before ordering in bulk.

You can also click here to contact us directly! Please also make sure to check our Depotel company website to learn more about us so you can shop with peace of mind!

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