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How to order shapewear wholesale with your custom logo & branding?

Updated: May 25, 2022

We are Shapewear Wholesale. We manufacture various different types of shapewear products and sell them to retailers, wholesalers, and distributors all around the world. Our factory is located in Bursa and our showroom is located in Old City Istanbul, Turkey.

We have over 150 styles in our latest collection that is available for private labeling or white labeling. We can print your logo and brand on the garments. We can also create custom hangtags, labels, barcodes, and packaging. For more details on these please make sure to check our website for our latest shapewear catalog and wholesale price list.

We can print your logo on the shapewear garments for wholesale orders. For private labeling, we need min 500pcs per order. Our minimum order quantity for private labeling and you can mix that within different styles. Our minimum order quantity per variation (MODEL NUMBER x COLOR x SIZE) is only 10pcs. So for example you would like to get; 2007-BLACK-SMALL, you would have to order at least 10pcs per variation.

As per the custom hangtags... Price for 1000pcs of custom hangtags is 200USD. When you want to manufacture custom hang tags for your brand, we need to order at least 1000pcs. but you don't have to use all of the hang tags at once. You can use as much as you need for your order, so let's say 200pcs., then we can keep the remaining 800pcs for your future orders, or we can send them back to you with the shipment... The choice is yours. To get more details on labeling, hangtags or packaging, please visit shapewear wholesale official website or click here.

So in order to start, we strongly suggest that you order some samples and see the items you would like to order in person. You touch and feel the garments and see the quality and the finishes, and also you need to check the sizing. Once you make your selection, please fill out the order sheet that was sent to you and return back to us so that we can quote your sample order. Once you receive your samples, then you can decide what you would like to get and what not...To order samples, please contact us or fill out the contact form on shapewear wholesale official website and we will send you the shapewear sample order instructions immediately.

And as for the shipping... We ship our products worldwide. We work with DHL and deliver to the most remote locations in the world within a few business days. Please send us your projected order so that we can get a quote for you including the shipping. We have more details on shipping on shapewear wholesale official website.

If you have any other shapewear-related questions that you would like to ask, please visit our website's FAQ page or simply send us an email at and we will get back to you within 24hrs.

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