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Does Shapewear Work?

Many women count their lucky stars that it exists, and a lot of them are, dare we say it, proud of using it. Of course, we are talking about shapewear! “Shapewear” refers to an assortment of stretchy undergarments that shape and slim a woman’s body in order for her to look a bit more svelte. This can also be done so she can easily fit into a dress or a pair of jeans that is one to two sizes smaller than she is. So, that is how it is supposed to go, but does this firming, shrinking technology actually work? First, let’s address some commonly asked questions, like “What is shapewear?” Then, afterward, we can get straight to the point.

What Is Shapewear? Shapewear is an undergarment that compresses the body in particular ways in order to slim it and redistribute fat. These items can compress fat in the arms, thighs, hips, bottom, and stomach in order to give you a thinner appearance. Such garments are worn underneath your clothes, so they are essentially your own little secret. Today there is a great variety of shapewear. There are tights, compression arm garments and tanks, slimming capris, and much more. In theory, shapewear items, or body shapers, as they are often called, are really any of the fitted undergarments worn to provide an illusion of a flatter, thinner, and more toned body than what one actually has. This means that these items have the potential to drastically change how you appear in a flash. Basically, what you perceive as any flabby imperfections completely disappear in an instant. You can get the sleek look you desire without struggling at the gym for weeks or starving yourself. It’s a definite win if you don’t have enough time to lose a few pounds before an event. Just keep in mind that the garments are designed to give you only a quick and temporary fix. Is Shapewear Always Effective? Body shapers work nearly 100% of the time. This is especially true when they are woven seamlessly, like pantyhose. Seamless body shapers are designed with precision to enhance curves. It should be stated, however, that garments made from panels sewn together also trim down figures in their own way. How Does Shapewear Work? Shapewear makes us appear thinner due to the rigid and/or stretchy fabrics that nip and tuck the body in a way that is flattering. Basically, it cinches in areas of the body where fat tends to congregate and appears particularly unattractive. This fat is then pushed into places where it is actually desired. For example, shapewear that narrows your waist and flattens your abdominal area is designed to push the excess volume up towards your chest instead of down by your thighs, hips, and behind. This gives women the lovely hourglass shape that so many desire. And, if worn correctly, such body shapers can even improve one’s posture! There are also types of shapewear that merely compact pockets of fat in order to project a slimmer body. Just by pushing the flab inwards, you can easily look as though you have instantly lost between one and two inches in the area where such a garment is worn. So, basically, fat is either pushed directionally toward more desired places, such as your cleavage or bottom, or it is compressed against your body. This is why it is crucial to find body-shaping items that fit appropriately. If a piece is too skimpy, the flab can be pushed out above and over the waistbands of skirts, shorts, and pants. No one desires a “muffin top,” so be careful. Also, fat can be pushed into places, like your abs, where muscles are compressed. That is not an attractive look, either. Remember, if your shapewear has a proper fit, you should appear sleeker and smoother than before you slipped into it. And, having an apparently better physique should provide you with more confidence overall.

How Do You Choose Appropriate Shapewear? The first rule of shapewear is that smaller and tighter is not always the best. It is actually better to purchase size and style that fit snugly, but not overly tight to the point that it may be uncomfortable, or even downright painful. If a body shaper causes you to feel dizzy, faint, or unable to breathe easily, then your garment is much too tight, and you should remove it right away. The right size should smooth your flaws while still being flexible. While wearing it, you need to be able to bend, twist, and breathe without difficulty. It also shouldn’t leave even the slightest mark on your skin. If it does, it simply isn’t the right size. Another thing to look for when shopping for shapewear is the right materials. This means fabrics that either reduce perspiration or wick it away but also are breathable and not itchy or irritating. Finally, when searching for the best shapewear for you, you must find pieces that are sheer enough to remain practically invisible under your clothes. Look for stretchy materials with microfiber construction. The best pieces easily stay hidden under almost any outfit. Can Shapewear Cause Health Problems? When shapewear is donned in an appropriate fashion, it is usually completely safe to wear. However, there may be a few potential issues to watch out for. For example: - Rashes and Skin Irritation If you have super-sensitive skin and wear your shapewear garments non-stop, you may have minor skin irritation or rashes. You may also have an allergy to some of the chemicals used in the creation of the garment. You may see chafed, red skin that needs a chance to heal. If this happens to you, find a different brand made from another material. - Blood Flow Constriction If you purchase shapewear that is much too tight around your hips and thighs, you may accidentally cut off some of the blood flow to your lower legs. - Nerve Compression Another consequence of sporting body shapers that are much too tight is that they can compress your nerves. This is especially true if you are thinner than average. This can increase the effects of poor circulation, such as leg swelling, numbness, and tingling feelings. - Gastroenterological Effects Overly clingy body-shaping garments can squeeze your digestive tract. This can cause acid reflux or a condition in which one’s stomach contents enter the esophagus. Shapewear that is too small can also cause bloating and gassiness. This is because gases produced in the body, as well as swallowed air, can’t easily escape. For post-menopausal women, extra pressure on the abdomen can cause a serious health condition known as pelvic prolapse. This means pelvic organs, like the bladder and uterus, can fall toward the vaginal opening. Most of the time, shapewear, if fitted properly, should not cause any health issues. And, because it can support muscles and increase circulation, wearing it can actually be considered beneficial to your wellbeing. Does Shapewear Encourage Weight Loss? No, it doesn’t really. That is unless you count the encouragement it gives to those eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly when they see slimmer versions of themselves in the mirror. Now, while these garments work to “trim” inches in a pinch, unlike a waist trainer, they only provide a temporary solution, or perhaps we should say “illusion.” That said, there have been scientific studies that claim that tight compression may massage fat, causing it to perspire. This could, in turn, allow pounds to be shed. Other studies state an improvement in circulation provided by shapewear items accelerates weight loss. Whether or not these conditions apply to everyone who wears body shapers is unknown, though it seems doubtful. However, any weight loss caused by even the best shapewear for women is minimal at best. Yet, if you are eating a proper diet and exercising daily, and you only need a few more inches or pounds shed before you can get into your favorite jeans or your new dress, you can use appropriate shapewear to bridge that gap and give yourself the confidence to keep going. But, it is just a temporary solution until you have reached your desired figure. Shapewear is also helpful for the many of us that have been dieting and exercising non-stop for years and simply cannot lose the stubborn pockets of fat that stay in quite visible areas. It pinches those places in so you will look as though you have finally achieved the body of your dreams. In conclusion, much of the best shapewear for women certainly does work, temporarily, but you need to be sure that it is the correct size and that your skin is tolerant of the material. Shapewear gets your body to where it needs to be and gives you a great head start on looking your best if you just began dieting and exercising. That said, unlike a waist trainer, shapewear can only slim you down when are wearing it. If you are looking for a custom shapewear manufacturing supplier to partner with to fulfill your business’ shapewear needs, check out our seamless shapewear catalog. We are Shapewear Wholesale, your wholesale shapewear manufacturer. We only work with high-quality Turkish textiles from our sister company Depotel, yet we maintain reasonable prices, we are a low minimum order shapewear manufacturer, and we provide quick, worldwide shipping. And, as a wholesale shapewear manufacturer with a large variety of products available directly from the factory, we know that we have what it takes to fulfill our clients' needs, whether they are large conglomerates or small boutiques. If you are interested in custom shapewear manufacturing, directly from the factory, please browse our seamless shapewear catalog and place a wholesale order directly from the manufacturer. And remember, because you ordering directly from the manufacturer, you are skipping the middleman, and saving money.

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