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Different Types of Shapewear

If you've ever experienced the exquisite, decadent luxury of a Turkish towel around you, then you already know something about what a truly quality fabric really is. In fact, Turkey produces some of the finest cotton and other textiles in the world. Turkish cotton is derived from an exclusive, premium long-fiber species of cotton plant which provides smoother, longer, and stronger threads than other types of more ordinary cotton. These special Turkish cotton threads produce a fabric unparalleled for its softness and unique sheen. These threads are processed in a special weaving method perfected over many centuries of the cotton-weaving technique. Turkey's 2019 fabric statistics showed it to be the world's fifth-largest exporter of cotton and other fine textiles. Turkey is also an important supplier of some of the best shapewear for women. Turkey is Tops for Textiles However, Turkey doesn't just produce cotton. It's also an important manufacturer of natural and synthetic fabric blends. Synthetic fabrics include polyester and polyester blends with nylon, polyamide, viscose, wool, and linen. These special blends produce the best fabrics for custom shapewear manufacturing. A foundation garment must be able to shape and define, while still being comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time. A Turkish wholesale shapewear manufacturer is an expert in the use of just the right kind of fabric for the garment it's designing. These manufacturers do it all, from processing fibers to spinning, weaving, dyeing, printing, and finishing.

What is a Quality Fabric? There are some basic factors:

  • Breathability

  • Softness

  • Durability

Thread count is a textile term referring to the number of yarns or threads per inch of fabric. The higher the thread count, the higher the quality. Breathability is directly linked to comfort, especially with shapewear. In turn, this is linked to the method of weaving for the fabric. The special weaving techniques seen in quality fabrics promote breathability and related comfort because the tighter the threads are woven, the fewer air pockets that form within them. This reduces trapped air, allowing the fabric to circulate air more freely. For softness, it's the length of the fibers that matter most. Longer fibers can be woven more smoothly, avoiding the roughness that shorter fibers can produce. Longer fibers also make a more durable fabric because they allow for a finer weave. The tighter the weave, the less likely it is to degrade with use and time. What is Shapewear? Shapewear is basically any kind of undergarment that shapes and supports the body. it's the difference between what is regular underwear and what is shapewear. Sometimes referred to as curves wear, it's special clothing that women buy and women love to buy. There's not a woman on this planet who doesn't want to look her best! The synthetic and synthetic blend fabrics typically used for shapewear are lightweight, flexible, stretch easily without losing their shape, dry quickly, and wicks moisture away from the body. Most shapewear also corrects figure faults, at least to some degree. Shapewear gives women the confidence to wear their favorite clothes without feeling self-conscious. It's great for the postpartum period. Women with large breasts, protruding stomachs, and misshapen thighs all love shapewear! Not all figure faults can be corrected by dieting and exercise.

Different Kinds of Shapewear Now that we've discussed fabrics and what shapewear is, let's talk about the different kinds of shapewear and what it can do for you. Corset These garments comfortably smooth and shape the breast, torso and buttocks area. There are a great variety of corset styles. Here's a great example of a thigh-shaper corset. Some corsets offer stronger belly control with hook and eye closures, like this tummy belly shaper corset. Shaper Panty

These special panties come up higher on the waist to smooth the belly area and define the waist. Full Body Shaper A full body shaper fits discreetly under clothing and is great for the postpartum period. It promotes confidence, supports the breasts, and improves circulation and posture. Leggings These gently compress the legs and thighs, shaping them nicely. These can be either foot, which go great with dresses and skirts, or footless, which can be worn while exercising or with fashionable activewear for casual occasions. They're available in various colors, and some are even anti-cellulite. Bustier Bra This garment helps to firmly hold and shape the breasts. Large straps and double-layer fabric add to the comfort. We recommend this bustier bra style, available in nude, violet, Fuschia, black, white, pink, and green to match any outer garment. Other types of shapewear include a corselette or shaping camisole, maternity support, boy shorts, longline bra or basque, minimizer bra, and bust shaper. Shapewear should fit comfortably. Do not squeeze yourself into a size too small for you because you think you'll look slimmer. There is a limit to what a shapewear garment can do for you. It can help you look your best, but garments too small will not make you look even smaller; they will only be uncomfortable. Shapewear Wholesale and Depotel Shapewear Wholesale is a wholesale shapewear manufacturer based in Istanbul, Turkey, with access to some of the finest textile materials in the world. Our sister company, Depotel, is affiliated with us as well. What makes Shapewear Wholesale even more special is that we're a low minimum order shapewear manufacturer. This means we will work with you on small wholesale orders that many other wholesale companies may refuse. To see our seamless shapewear catalog and discounts, just go here. After you look at our seamless shapewear catalog, take a look at what other benefits you can get when you order directly from the manufacturer:

  • You'll be working with a seasoned manufacturer from Turkey with years of worldwide business experience

  • Only quality products. Get the popular full body shaper wholesale!

  • Shapewear is a great resell item! White and private label is OK

  • We offer fast shipping, fair pricing, and VERY low minimum order requirements

  • We ship worldwide via UPS, DHL, and Turkish Airlines Cargo

We work with all-size companies who would like to order directly from the factory, and we work hard to please you and earn your repeat business. We know you'll love the advantages of ordering your shapewear directly from the manufacturer, which is us. We're not some big, impersonal place. We're responsive to our customers and never leave them hanging. We strive to help you grow your company because that's how we grow, too! To request a sample and view our catalog, just click the link to see the best shapewear for women. We aim to be a leader in the custom shapewear manufacturing business. Ordering directly from the factory will allow you to choose from our extensive variety of quality female shapewear, promoting and growing your own brand, too. Women know what they like, and they like quality shapewear. You can't fool them with inferior products, so don't even try. Our superior Turkish fabrics and garments are sure to please your customers. Let's just face it: customers are the most valuable asset for any company. No one can afford to lose even one, and you keep customers by giving them the quality they want.

A Note to Private Labels If you want to label our garments with your brand, we're fine with that. In fact, you can look here for our private label catalog.

The Order Process Ordering from Shapewear Wholesale is so simple: 1. Make your selection from our detailed catalog. 2. Request samples. 3. Review your samples, choose your favorites and place your order. That's it. The rest is up to us. We'll get your order ready and ship it as soon as payment clears. We'll notify you when it's on its way to you. Talk to Us! We love to hear from our customers. In fact, we're wondering if you prefer shapewear garments with the clip-on crotch opening or the roll-down style. Please post your comments below!

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