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A Few Tips From A Manufacturer To A Small Or Medium Sized Shapewear Businesses

When you want to sell shapewear to your customers, you should work with us at Depotel to create the perfect line for your business. You need a women shapewear manufacturer that can make the best products for your company and provide you shapewear products in bulk but with low minimum order quantities, help you save money, and give you a signature line that is unique to your business. We have listed a few tips below that explain how you can expand your business, start selling shapewear, and work with us on your new line. Who Needs Shapewear? All women need shapewear, and it is often difficult for women to find shapewear that they truly want. The shapewear that women buy is often not the right size or style. They do not have the color options they want, and that shapewear is not long enough. We work with companies to build shapewear that is just right for your business. Shapewear is perfect for women of any size or shape. Women with curves can accentuate their curves, and smaller women can help keep everything in place if they would feel more comfortable with a layer of clothing between them and a tight dress or garment.

How Do We Recommend You Build Your Shapewear? When you are ready to create shapewear, you should consider how seamless it can be. When you work with us at Depotel, we provide a seamless product that does not cause any irritation or lines when ladies take them off. A woman who has been wearing shapewear all day does not want to feel pain when she finally pulls off her shapewear, and she does not want to have unsightly lines running across her body. We specialize in seamless shapewear that is very comfortable. We work with businesses that want to create the best products, and we can add our seamless styling to your ideas. We have experts in the industry who know how to make shapewear your customers will love, and we will also work with you if you have suggestions from customers that you would like to incorporate into your next order. Make Sure The Shapewear Covers Enough When women are buying shapewear, they want something that is a bit longer and covers more. We recommend that you bring shapewear down to the thighs and up over the belly. This is a good way for women to create a seamless shape that is the exact size of most cocktail dresses. Women who want to squeeze into tight clothing can do so because they have created an hourglass figure, taken control of their tummies, and even added some shape to their thighs. If you make your shapewear too small, it does not give women the coverage they need. For example, a piece of seamless underwear for women may not cover a woman’s belly properly. Seamless shapewear might cover a woman’s belly, but it might not add shape to her hips or thighs. Choose The Appropriate Color When you are looking to create seamless underwear for women, you need to work with a women's underwear manufacturer who can give you any color you want. You can choose from a wide range of colors that will help women look their best. A lady who is wearing a see-thru dress might want white or a nude color. A woman who is wear black may prefer a black piece of shapewear, or ladies might choose special colors to match their personalities. Choosing the appropriate color is important because you may want to appeal to a certain audience. Our customers need to know that they can show us a color, we will match it, and they will get the garments they have always wanted.

A Private Label Shapewear Manufacturer Give You Your Own Labels When you work with us, you are working with a private label shapewear manufacturer who will give you your own labels. We ensure that the labels are placed somewhere that is comfortable for the customer, and we use your lettering, instructions, and sizes. You can talk to us about the sizes that you think you should carry, and we will use measurements that you think are most appropriate. When you work with a different women's underwear manufacturer, you may not get the right sizes. You want your sizes to be in line with what most American women expect, and we will make sure that the sizes make sense. You can consult with us on the sizes, and we will use letters or numbers that make you comfortable. We Work With Different Types Of Shapewear You may have specific shapewear needs that influence your order. We will talk to you about why you need shapewear, and we will help you understand what can be done to fulfill your needs. For example, you may want shapewear that is specifically made for women who are wearing cocktail dresses. We can design shapewear that is comfortable for work, and we can design shapewear for wedding gowns. You can access our catalog by clicking here. We will adjust our process to help you get the results you want, and we will show you how our products will look when they are completed. You can also see the samples so that you know what you will be selling to your customers. We Offer Low Minimum Orders We are a low minimum order shapewear manufacturer that knows how to give you the quality you want without forcing you to spend too much. You can ask us about the minimum order for a specific style, and we can work with you to give you the best prices. This is important because we understand that you may not have a lot of cash to work with. We can come to an agreement about the order you want to place, and we will complete that order as quickly as possible.

We Have Years Of Experience In The Industry If you are not a shapewear expert, we can work with you so that you get the best information about the shapewear you want to buy. We can show you what we would use to make your shapewear better, and we can explain why certain designs do not work. We also have access to many fabrics that you can choose from. We know which fabrics work best, and we will explain how our seamless designs dovetail with the fabrics we have chosen. Who Benefits? Any business that owns a boutique or wants to expand its clothing business can order shapewear here. We work with large companies that want to create a “house brand” for their shapewear, and we also work with small shops that want to offer something special to their customers. We can walk you through the whole shapewear brand building process.

We help everyone create the best products for the best prices. We also work with companies that need to turnover their orders very quickly. We understand that you need to make swift decisions about certain product lines, and we can create rush orders that make it easier for you to sell to your customers. Conclusion Depotel is located in Istanbul, Turkey where we can provide the best products to every new client. If you have an idea for shapewear, we can make that idea come to life. We offer a range of services including fast shipping, several product options, private and white-label options, custom packaging, custom barcoding, and low minimum orders for all our clients. Contact us today for help with your shapewear orders, and to get customer care from the best low minimum order shapewear manufacturer.

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