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Our Services As A Seamless Shapewear Manufacturer

Seamless shapewear and underwear for women is a multibillion-dollar market that's growing every day. Small to medium-sized businesses, startups, an online e-commerce

companies, boutiques, brands, resellers, and wholesalers worldwide who want to tap into this market need a reliable, affordable, women's underwear manufacturer able to produce and ship orders in even very low quantities. At Depotel we offer that and much more. We are a private label shapewear manufacturer with years of experience producing a wide range of specially designed undergarments for women and shipping them worldwide.

What We Provide

We are a low minimum order shapewear manufacturer that provides a variety of unique, specialized services for small and medium-sized companies. We specialize in providing:

1. A Broad Range Of Products To Meet The Needs Of Brands, Resellers, And Distributors

2. Fast Shipping

3. Competitive Pricing

4. Private Label And White Label Products

5. Custom Packaging

6. Labeling Barcoding

7. Very Low Minimum Quantities

We are a supplier providing services that are ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, startups and online women's underwear retailers.

What Companies Can Expect

When companies do business with us there are several things they can expect. They include:

1. A Broad Range Of Products To Meet The Needs Of Brands, Resellers And Distributors

We are a women's underwear manufacturer that provides a variety of seamless intimate undergarments and shapewear for women of all ages, sizes and tastes. We produce women's shapewear and undergarments in a wide range of styles and designs to meet the specific needs of brands, resellers, distributors, small businesses and e-commerce companies in countries all over the world. We manufacture an excellent product line and can custom make any type of seamless women's shapewear and undergarments business order. Companies can order from our catalog or tell us what they need.

2. Fast Shipping

We understand getting orders for seamless underwear for women filled in a timely manner is essential for satisfying a growing customer base. To ensure our clients get the seamless shapewear and underwear they order as quickly as possible, we work with global shipping giants like DHL and other smaller regional shipping companies to deliver bulk orders to small and medium-sized companies the world over. We work with shipping companies with a track record of safe, reliable on-time delivery. Our customers often say our fast shipping and on-time delivery helps them become successful.

3. Competitive Pricing

Our competitive pricing enables smaller companies to offer their customers quality women's seamless undergarments and shapewear at affordable prices. This helps those companies to keep and expand their market share and remain a viable source for women of all income levels to be able to afford the shapewear and intimate undergarments they want and need. We make sure price isn't a barrier preventing smaller companies and the customers they serve from purchasing well-designed, tasteful, comfortable, seamless undergarments. We want our seamless underwear for women to be available to and affordable for as many people as possible.

4. Private Label And White Label Products

As a private label shapewear manufacturer, we can provide small and medium-sized businesses, brands, online e-commerce marketers, resellers as well as distributors with both private label and white label women's undergarments of the highest quality.

As part of their order, companies can request and receive private or white labels. We will gladly fulfill those requests. All it takes is a phone call or email to initiate the process. We understand the importance of having special labels on certain products and are always happy to accommodate such requests. Just call and we will make you aware of all your options.

5. Custom Packaging

Providing custom packing for the seamless shapewear and women's underwear companies order is one of the services we provide. This enables each item to arrive prepackaged and bearing the company's name and other information. This can help expedite the process of adding it to stock on the shelves in the store from which customers can choose. We consider custom packaging to be a reasonable request. One that we have the systems in place to facilitate. Customers simply have to include it as part of their order. We are always glad to provide customers with helpful production services.

6. Labeling Barcoding

Labeling barcoding is another service we are able to provide for our customers. All they have to do is indicate this is something they want when they place their orders. Our sales team and order takers can make customers aware of the simple process they have to a follower in order to have labeling barcoding added to the packaging of the seamless women's undergarments they order. We understand how this can make it more convenient for the company and the consumer and we have the system in place to take care of it. We are a full-service women's underwear manufacturer and can provide customers with the type of labels and barcoding they need.

7. Very Low Minimum Quantities

As a low minimum order shapewear manufacturer, we are comfortable providing our wide range of comprehensive services to small and medium-sized businesses that place very low minimum quantity orders. As part of our commitment to providing small companies with the same quality services larger companies routinely receive, we give very low minimum orders the same services we provide for companies that place large orders. If you are a small to medium-sized business, e-commerce online company, reseller or distributor who wants to place a small order, rest assured you will receive our entire slate of comprehensive services and conveniences.

Look Through Our Catalogue

If you are uncertain about exactly what type of shapewear and seamless underwear for women to order, take a few minutes to look through our extensive catalog. You can do so by clicking here. You can also see more of our product line and get more information on pricing and other aspects of our diverse, exciting, shapewear product options by visiting the website of our sister company, Together they will give you all the information you need to select the right seamless undergarments.

We Have The Women's Undergarments You Want

As an experienced private label shapewear manufacturer, we have the hottest, most attractive, effective, affordable and in-demand women's undergarments on the market today. We have everything you need to keep your customers happy and satisfied. We can provide you with any type of women's seamless underwear and shapewear you need. We have a vast selection of popular women's shapewear and intimate undergarments. Plus, we can custom make any style women's undergarments you want. And we are a low minimum order shapewear manufacturer, so you can order as few of our women's underwear styles as you want or need.

We Serve The Global Marketplace

Although our manufacturing facilities are located in Istanbul, Turkey, we serve the global marketplace. No matter where in the world your company is located, we can get our high quality, stylish, comfortable, affordable, seamless women's undergarments to you in a flash. We have experience with a host of the small, medium, and large cargo shipping companies that can deliver your order to you in a flash, no matter how obscure your location. Plus, the small size of your order does not prevent you from getting the fast, affordable, excellent, bulk order shipping services you want and need.

Contact Us Today

If you are looking for a women's underwear manufacturer that is sure to exceed your expectations for superior quality, excellent service, and very fast delivery, contact us today.

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